Medical News

Discussing Proton Pump Inhibitor Deprescribing: The Views of...
BMC Family Practice

When discussing PPI deprescribing, the GPs in our study generally focused on topics related to symptom control....

10 Aug 2020

Mortality Trends of Liver Cancer Among Patients with Type 2...
J Diabetes Complications

In diabetic patients, the PLC mortality was significantly increased at the global level and in approximately 70% of...

07 Aug 2020

Effect of Long-term Vitamin D3 Supplementation vs Placebo on...

Among adults aged 50 years or older without clinically relevant depressive symptoms at baseline, treatment with...

06 Aug 2020

The Role of Overweight and Obesity in Adverse Cardiovascular...
BMC Medicine

The increase in DKOLH-CVD mortality in each country suggests that overweight and obesity has likely been a key...

05 Aug 2020

Key Trials

Efficacy and Safety of Remdesivir 5 Days Course verses 10 Days Course in Treatment of Patients with Severe Covid-19 Disease

The present trial compared the efficacy and safety outcomes of remdesivir 5 Days verses 10 Days in treatment of patients with severe Covid-19...

Greater Patient Satisfaction After Switching to Esomeprazole in Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease

Switching over to esomeprazole therapy is associated with greater patient satisfaction and better symptom control in primary-care patients receiving...

Long-term Impact of CVD and CKD on Life Expectancy and on Direct Medical Costs in Patients with Diabetes

Presence of CVD (heart disease and stroke) and CKD lead to increased mortality and increased direct medical costs in diabetes patients over a period...

Effectiveness of Integrated Personalised Diabetes Care with Digital Therapeutics to Improve Glycemic Control in T2DM Patients

An Indian study presented at ATTD 2020 measured effectiveness of Digital Therapeutics WellthyCare in T2DM patients. Study showed significant...

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Effect of Zinc on Innate Immunity in Children with Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC)-Induced Diarrhea

Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) is the major bacterial pathogen causing acute watery diarrhea in children from countries of the developing...

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Diagnosis of Cough at A Primary Care Setting

Diagnosis of cough poses a common dilemma during consultations at primary care settings in India. A diagnostic strategy which involve step-by-step...

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Allergic Rhinitis – Myths and Facts

Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a very common disease with a steadily increasing prevalence. It has a significant impact on the quality of life with a...

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Superficial Fungal Infections

Superficial fungal Infections are caused by dermatophytes, also known as tinea. Tinea is a common fungal infection that can affect the skin, nails...

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Our Publications

Ciclohale (Ciclesonide) Product Monograph

Ciclesonide is a nonhalogenated synthetic ICS available in an extra fine formulation that has been approved for the treatment of persistent asthma....

Foracort Synchrobreathe (Formoterol fumarate dihydrate and Budesonide) Infoguide

Foracort Synchrobreathe is a novel breath-actuated inhaler with a dose counter. This booklet provides detailed information about the technical...

Asthma Management in The Acute Setting: Role of pMDI + Spacer

It is imperative to re-think the way aerosol therapy is being practiced with a mindset shift from the rampant use of nebulizers to an alternative...

A Clinician’s Guide

The small airways are known as the silent zone of the lungs and yet is a site of significant obstruction in asthma and COPD. This clinical booklet...

Patient Education

Breathing Exercises for COPD

Tips on breathing exercises for COPD patients.  

Find Out If Your Child’s Cough is More than Just a Cough

Informative patient education material highlighting the fact that frequent and chronic cough in children could be a sign of asthma.  

Eating Right: Tips for the COPD Patients

Tips on diet for the COPD patients.  

Know about COPD

Informative patient education material to know more about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  


Taking drugs through inhalers is the best way to treat asthma.
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