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Sustained SBP Control cuts down the Risk of Stroke, HF and CVD in Hypertensives, States ALLHAT Analysis

Sustained systolic blood pressure (SBP) control may be beneficial for preventing stroke, heart failure (HF), and cardiovascular disease (CVD)...

20 Mar, 2019

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Non-Albumin Proteinuria: A Marker to Stratify T2DM Patients with Early DKD

Albuminuria and urinary N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase (uNAG) are established markers for progression of diabetic kidney disease. But little is known...

18 Mar, 2019

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Montelukast Improves the Clinical Outcomes and Biomarkers in Patients with NARES and Asthma

Montelukast effectively reduced the nasal and ocular symptoms in patients with nonallergic rhinitis eosinophilic syndrome (NARES) and asthma,...

18 Mar, 2019

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Risk of Fracture Significantly Associated with Glycaemic Control in Newly Diagnosed Type-1 Diabetes Patients

In a recent retrospective, open cohort study researchers studied the effect of glycaemic control on fracture risk in people with newly diagnosed...

15 Mar, 2019

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Date: 22nd March 2019
Time: 3:00PM to 4:00PM

Key Trials

PROMISE Study: Moxifloxacin, Clinically and Bacteriologically Non-inferior to Ertapenem in Treatment of cIAIs

PROMISE is the largest study of antimicrobials performed in complicated intra-abdominal infections (cIAIs) patients. The study compared the clinical...

Vibegron: New Therapeutic Option for Improving Nocturia in Overactive Bladder

Treatment with vibegron was associated with reduction in the frequency of nocturnal voiding, increase in the volume per nocturnal void and volume of...

Regression in Albuminuria is Associated with Reduction in All-Cause Mortality in Insulin-Treated T2DM Patients

This large-scale study reaffirms albuminuria to be an independent marker of subsequent all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events in insulin-...

OSTRICH: A Short Course of Oral Steroid Treatment not Beneficial over Placebo for Treating Otitis Media with Effusion in Children

The OSTRICH trial found no benefits of short course of oral steroids over placebo for treating persistent otitis media with effusion in children.  

Slide Library

Probiotics-Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

This slide set covers basic understanding of probiotics and mechanism of action focussing on Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG strain.  

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Prucalopride (PRUCAPLA)

Treatment for chronic constipation has evolved with the advent of newer targeted therapies. Prucalopride is the first, selective and specific...

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Mental Health in Old Age

This slide set contains basic understanding of common mental health problems in old age, early warning signs and tips for better mental health care...

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Substance Abuse

This slide set discusses the issue of substance abuse in India with the risk factors, common reasons, early signs, and treatment of substance abuse...

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Our Publications

Complementing COPD Management Through Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation is the most important intervention in management of COPD. This article details the importance of smoking cessation, and...

Pulmonary Rehabilitation - An Insight

This article deals with multidisciplinary approach to pulmonary rehabilitation which is essential to achieve optimal results. Detailed information...

Niveoli Inhaler (Beclomethasone dipropionate 100 µg + Formoterol fumarate dihydrate 6 µg): Product Monograph

NIVEOLI Inhaler is the first extra-fine combination of ICS/LABA approved in India and represents a significant advancement in the therapeutic...

Inhaled Drug Delivery Systems

This booklet is intended to provide physicians with all the essential information on inhaler devices.  


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