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Absolute Counts of Monocytes Subpopulations Associated with the Final Outcome in Sepsis

A recent Greek study noted that the circulating counts of inflammatory and patrolling monocytes significantly increased in Gram-negative sepsis. The...

16 Mar, 2018

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New Scoring System Predicts Nosocomial Septicemia Among Critically Ill Patients

A team of researchers in Taiwan developed a scoring system which could identify the critically ill patients at a risk for developing nosocomial...

16 Mar, 2018

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Maternal Use of Tenofovir: No Additional Benefit in Lowering Perinantal HBV Transmission

Giving Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) to HBeAg-positive women during pregnancy and postpartum, did not offer any additional benefit, in...

12 Mar, 2018

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No Reduction in Mortality with Adjunctive Glucocorticoid Therapy in Patients with Septic Shock

The 90-day mortality with continuous infusion of hydrocortisone in patients with septic shock undergoing mechanical ventilation was similar to that...

06 Mar, 2018

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Our Publications

Approach to Hepatitis B in Pregnancy

Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in pregnancy is an important global health problem. Over 50% of the estimated 240–350 million chronic...

HCV Management Series: Management of Treatment-naïve and Treatment-experienced HCV Patients

Treatment for hepatitis C is rapidly evolving from injectable interferons to the revolutionizing all oral direct-acting antivirals. The advent of...

Isoniazid + Pyridoxine + Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim - Fixed Dose Combination: Concept Document

Tuberculosis is the most common opportunistic infections among people living with HIV. Isoniazid preventive therapy is effective strategy to reduce...

Slide Library

Pain Management in Chronic Pancreatitis

This slide set describes the various options for managing severe abdominal pain in patients with chronic pancreatitis.

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HIV - HCV Coinfection

This slide set covers the epidemiology, disease progression and management of HIV-HCV coinfection in the era of directly acting antivirals available...

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Basics of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that affects liver of 170 million people across the globe. It is one of the largest causes of liver cirrhosis and...

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Daclatasvir (Hepcdac)

Treatment for chronic hepatitis C has evolved rapidly from an interferon based regimen of modest efficacy with significant adverse events to a well-...

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Key Trials

Efficacy and Safety of Moxifloxacin and Gatifloxacin as Initial TB Treatment

This study demonstrated that shortening the treatment duration during initial therapy for drug-sensitive tuberculosis can be achieved with ...

Sofosbuvir - Velpatasvir FDC for HCV Genotypes 1 to 6 Infection – Integrated Analyses of ASTRAL Studies

The analysis of three Phase III trials was conducted to assess the efficacy and safety of the recently introduced pangenotypic sofosbuvir-...

Efficacy of Tenofovir Alone in Hepatitis B Patients with Suboptimal Virologic Response to Adefovir

Tenofovir(TDF) monotherapy was effective in patients with suboptimal response to adefovir (ADV).  However, TDF needs to be combined with a...

Tenofovir Benefits Patients with Severe Reactivation of Hepatitis B

Tenofovir was associated with significant reduction in HBV DNA levels and mortality in patients with spontaneous reactivation of HBV presenting as...

Patient Education

Know about Influenza to Protect Your Child from It

Influenza, commonly known as "the flu," is a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory tract causing mild to severe illness. It affects...

Know about Influenza to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Influenza (flu), is an acute respiratory viral illness that occurs as seasonal epidemic with higher attack rates in children. Also, children are the...

How to Protect Yourself from Diarrhoea ?

Diarrhoea is a leading cause of death in India usually during the rainy season. Ignoring it may prove hazardous to life. A person can be protected...

Know the Facts about UTI

This patient education leaflet provides a brief overview on the incidence, causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract...


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