Medical News

The Burden of Cardiovascular Outcomes in Heart Failure Patie...
Clin Res Cardiol.

In patients with new-onset T2D, death from other causes were more likely to occur than an ischemic event, whereas...

25 Jan 2022

Body Mass Index and Association with Cardiovascular Outcomes...
J Am Heart Assoc.

Patients with stable coronary heart disease showed a graded increase in cardiometabolic and inflammatory risk...

24 Jan 2022

Role of Renin–angiotensin System Antagonists on Long-term Mo...
Clin Res Cardiol.

ACEi/ARB therapy post-PCI is associated with significantly lower long-term mortality in patients with reduced and...

21 Jan 2022

Association of N-Terminal Pro–Brain Natriuretic Peptide Conc...
JAMA Cardiol.

In this cohort study, higher NT-proBNP concentrations in early pregnancy were associated with a lower risk of...

21 Jan 2022

Key Trials

HFrEF Patients with Comorbidities, less likely to achieve NT-proBNP target: A Secondary Analysis of the GUIDE-IT

According to the secondary analysis of the GUIDE IT trial, patients with HFrEF and comorbidities such as AF, a lower BMI, or worse renal function...

Various Mediators Influence the Improvement in HF Outcomes with Empagliflozin: The EMPA-REG OUTCOME Analysis

This post hoc analysis of the EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial discusses various mediators that influence the empagliflozin-associated improvement in heart...

Metabolically Healthy Obesity and its Association with Obesity-related Outcomes

Individuals with metabolically healthy obesity are at a substantially higher risk of obesity-related outcomes as compared with individuals with...

FIGARO-DKD: Impact of Finerenone on CV Outcomes in Patients with T2DM and CKD

The FIGARO-DKD trial demonstrated that as compared with placebo, treatment with finerenone improved the CV outcomes in patients with T2DM and CKD.

Slide Library

Medical Management Strategy of CTEPH: Role of Riociguat

Riociguat, a stimulator of soluble guanylate cyclase, has been globally approved for the treatment of PAH and inoperable CTEPH and persistent/...

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Macitentan: 1st ERA Proven to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality in PAH

Macitentan is an orally active, potent, tissue targeting ERA that is indicated for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It is the...

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Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension

Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) is the presence of mean pulmonary artery pressure (mPAP) ≥ 25 mmHg following an episode of...

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Diabetic Dyslipidemia

Dyslipidemia is one of the key risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in diabetes mellitus. This slide set provides information on the...

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Our Publications

CARLOC-I (Carvedilol +Ivabradine) Monograph

Carvedilol/ivabradine have a proven chemical-pharmaceutical quality and are considered an approvable fixed-dose combination. Both carvedilol and...

Rivazest (Rivaroxaban) Monograph

Rivaroxaban is a potent, selective, orally active direct inhibitor of the activated serine protease Factor X (FXa), which plays a central role in...

Telyse (Tenecteplase) Monograph

In the management of STEMI in India, pharmacoinvasive strategy involving thrombolytics is the preferred therapy in cases of delays in primary PCI....

Mexiletine FAQ Booklet

Mexiletine is a class 1B antiarrhythmic agent, which blocks the sodium channels and is indicated in suppression of ventricular arrhythmias. The...

Patient Education

Understanding Angioplasty

Angioplasty is a life-saving procedure to open up blocked or narrowed blood vessels. This document gives a brief idea about the procedure.

Understanding Obesity

This document explains what is obesity, what is the impact of obesity on overall health and what are the benefits of weight loss. 


Know more about the risk factors, associated ill-effects and tips for management of hypertension or high blood pressure. 


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