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Rates of SSI Low after Surgery for Endometriosis

Surgery for endometriosis may involve several organs (vagina, uterus, ovary) and sometimes may involve opening of intestinal tract. Evidence...

15 Mar, 2019

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Maternal Exposure to High-Dose Fluconazole Increases Risk of Spontaneous Abortions and Cardiac Septal Closure Anomalies

Maternal exposure to fluconazole during pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of spontaneous abortion and cardiac septal closure anomalies...

28 Feb, 2019

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Parental Subfertility and Characteristics Related to The ART Procedure May Increase Asthma Risk in The Offspring

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are associated with greater risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and long-term consequences for both the...

27 Feb, 2019

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Parental Fertility Status Has No Significant Impact on the Pubertal Development in their Offspring

The current study suggested that parental subfecundity and medically assisted reproduction (MAR) did not significantly impact the child’s long-term...

21 Feb, 2019

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Our Publications

Misoprostol-Only Recommended Regimens - FIGO 2017

This document gives the revised recommended dosages of misoprostol when used alone, for a variety of gynaecologic and obstetric indications. The...

Modified Regimens of Clomiphene Citrate

This article discusses the clinical outcomes using modified dosage regimes of clomiphene citrate for ovulation induction.

Liver Disease and Pregnancy

Up to 3% of pregnant women suffer from pregnancy-associated liver diseases, which are the most frequent cause of liver dysfunction in pregnancy. Due...

Approach to Hepatitis B in Pregnancy

Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in pregnancy is an important global health problem. Over 50% of the estimated 240–350 million chronic...

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Dienogest is an oral progestin with unique pharmacological properties, and is indicated at a dosage of 2 mg/day for the management of pelvic pain...

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Endometriosis is the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity and has a burden of around 176 million women globally. These slides...

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Hepatitis C in Pregnancy

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection during pregnancy is an emerging problem. While not negatively affecting acute hepatitis, it may exacerbate chronic...

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Breastfeeding – Care & Concerns

Breastfeeding is meant to be a comfortable and pleasant experience. It is also an integral part of the reproductive process with important...

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Key Trials

Dienogest 2 Mg Daily for 60 Months Significantly Reduces Endometriosis Associated Pelvic Pain

Treatment with dienogest 2 mg daily over a period of 60 months was significantly effective in reducing endometriosis-associated pelvic pain and...

Dienogest 2 Mg Daily is the Optimal Dose for the Treatment of Endometriosis

Dienogest 2 mg daily was the lowest effective dose for the treatment of endometriosis with a slightly superior tolerability profile than 4 mg dose....

Significant Reduction in Endometriosis Associated Pelvic Pain with Dienogest 2 Mg Daily for 12 Weeks

The study concluded that the efficacy of dienogest 2 mg daily for 12 weeks was superior to placebo in reducing the endometriosis-associated pelvic...

Efficacy and Safety of Dienogest as Compared to Leuprolide Acetate Depot in Endometriosis

This non-inferiority trial demonstrated comparable efficacy of dienogest 2 mg daily to leuprolide acetate depot in reducing the endometriosis-...


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