Do's and Don'ts for Semen Collection

Do's and Don'ts for Semen Collection

When a couple plans for a child and has difficulty in conceiving a child, both the male and the female partner would be asked to undergo certain basic tests. Of which the most important test for males is the semen analysis. Improper semen tests will often show false results and lead to unsuccessful visits and delayed time. Hence to make results more accurate, the following points should be noted before semen collection.

Precautions Before the Test

  1. Avoid all sexual activity (no sex, no ejaculation, and no masturbation) for at least 2-3 days before the test. However sexual activity should not be avoided for more than a week also as it may lead to less active sperms.
  2. No smoking, drinking or taking recreational drugs (marijuana, cocaine) during 7-10 days before sperm collection.
  3. Do not use any lubricant including saliva during semen collection because many lubricants are toxic to sperm.
  4. Do not ejaculate the semen in a condom until provided by the lab and only if required.
  5. Semen sample should not be exposed to any extreme temperatures.
  6. Inform the doctor if any medications are being taken.

Things to Remember

  1. Wash and dry the hands and penis before collecting the sample.
  2. Ejaculate directly into a sterile clean and dry container provided by the clinic or lab.
  3. Try to get the first part of the ejaculation as it would be most sperm-rich.
  4. Keep the specimen container upright in a plastic bag, with the lid securely tightened.
  5. Keep the semen sample close to the body or at a temperature 350 C - 370 C while transporting in to the lab.
  6. Deliver the semen sample to the lab within 30 minutes of collection.
  7. Check the label on the semen collection container for the name, time, age, registration no.
  8. Carry id proof while going to submit the semen sample.
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