For the Father-to-be

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For the Father-To-Be


Having a child can be an emotionally, mentally and spiritually elevating event for both of you. During this period your wife needs the support of the entire family, but it begins with YOU. Often feelings of fear, worry and anxiety are common, but RELAX! Here are a few tips, to start with, that would help you understand and be an important part of this miraculous process.

Start With

  • Change your lifestyle by quitting alcohol, smoking and drugs before conception and also during her pregnancy.
  • Bond with your wife (and child), let her know that you are enjoying seeing her belly grow.
  • Try to accompany your wife in most of her doctor visits. Don't miss the opportunity to get a glimpse of your baby during an ultrasound.
  • Encourage your wife to be active, to take light exercises/yoga, however, she should not undertake any vigorous tasks.
  • Try not to delay the scheduled meetings with the doctor.
  • If this is your wife's second pregnancy, see to it that the first child receives equal care and attention, talk to your child about the new baby's arrival.

Be Alert and Up to Date

  • Update yourself by talking to friends who have been fathers, refer to books or talk to your doctor for your queries.
  • Keep the phone number of your wife's doctor and important people at hand during this period.
  • Sexual intercourse during pregnancy depends on your wife's health. Consult her doctor for the same.

Keep Your Romance Alive by Doing Things Together

  • Accompany your wife in the childbirth classes.
  • Read books on pregnancy.
  • Have meals together at most of the times.
  • Go out for a walk.
  • Shop for maternity clothes and baby equipments.
  • Discuss baby names.
  • Talk to your wife through her lows.
  • Share moments of pregnancy like feeling the baby kick.

Be an Emotional Support

  • Keep track of the medicines and diet prescribed to your wife by her doctor and see to it that she doesn't consume or discontinue anything without consulting her doctor.
  • Even in the case of minor ailments like common cold and cough, contact the doctor.
  • Hormones run wild in these times; understand tears, moods and tensions, stay close to your wife and at times, just listen!
  • If possible, after the doctor's consent, be with your wife during the delivery.

'Tell your wife how special she is and that you are there for her all the time!'

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