How to Hold Baby while Breast Feeding

How to Hold Your Baby While Breastfeeding

Breast milk, the complete food source, is the best food for your baby. It is the healthiest way to feed your baby as it contains all nutrients & disease-fighting compounds that are absent in supplementary formula milk. On regular breastfeeding, your baby will not need any supplements, not even water. Moreover, breastfeeding can help to build a special bond between you and your baby. Exclusive breastfeeding is advisable for atleast 6 months.

Breastfeeding Positions

Cradle Position

In the cradle position, you put your baby's head in the crook of your arm. Support your baby's back and bottom with your arm and hand. Your baby will be lying sideways facing you. Your breast should be right in front of your baby's face.**

Football Position

The football position consists of tucking your baby under your arm like a football with his or her head resting on your hand. Support your baby's body with your forearm. This may be a good position if you're recovering from a caesarean section or if your baby is very small.**

Cross-Cradle Hold

This is one of the preferred positions when your baby is a newborn as you will have good control of your baby's head when you place your hand near your baby's ears. Support your baby's back with your forearm and bring baby across your tummy and to your breast.**

Tips for Breast Care

  • Clean areola and nipple before and after feed
  • Wear well-fitting bra
  • For cracked nipples, apply hind milk, ghee, breast cream*

Feed the baby every 2 hours or on demand

Discuss about post delivery contraception with your doctor

Understand the medicines to be taken home and their dosages

Ask about the follow up visits

Ask about immunization facility for the baby

Discuss your diet

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