How to Protect Yourself from Diarrhoea ?

Drink water from safe sources or drink boiled or chlorinated water
Eat properly cooked food
Wash vegetables before cooking; avoid fruits that are cut and left in the open

Ensure proper disposal of waste and human excreta

Always wash hands well, both before and after consuming food

To prevent dehydration take as much fluids with salt and sugar viz

  • Salted yoghurt drink
  • Vegetable or chicken soup with salt
  • Salted rice water
  • Commercially available oral rehydration salts (ORS)
Do not self-medicate with antibiotics

Visit a doctor if you are suffering from diarrhoea.


An information booklet: Seasonal Communicable Diseases and Prevention of Antibiotic Resistance. WHO. www.searo.whoint/en/section10.htm or www.searo.whoint/cds

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Diarrhoea is a leading cause of death in India usually during the rainy season. Ignoring it may prove hazardous to life. A person can be protected from diarrhoea by taking few preventive measures that are described here.