How to use the Inhaler?

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Simple Steps to Use Inhaler

Sit or stand upright. Remove the mouthpiece cap & shake the inhaler well.

Breathe out fully, through the mouth.

Place the mouthpiece of the inhaler in the mouth. Start breathing in slowly through the mouth.  Press down the canister firmly & fully to release one spray while continuing to breathe in slowly & deeply.

Remove the inhaler from the mouth & hold the breath for 10 seconds, or for as long as is comfortable. Breathe out normally.

If another puff is required, wait for at least 1 minute. Shake inhaler well & repeat steps 2 to 4. After use, replace the mouth piece cap.

In case of difficulty in using the inhaler correctly, it can be used along with Zerostat VT spacer.

Simple Steps to Clean Rotahaler

Remove the mouthpiece cap and wipe inside & outside of the mouth piece with a clean dry cloth.


  • ·         DO NOT wash or soak any part of the inhaler in water
  • ·         DO NOT change/tamper with the numbers on the dose counter
  • ·         If the inhaler has not been used tor a week or more, shake well and release a puff into the air

How to Read a Dose Counter

Shows the total number of doses in the inhaler. The dose counter counts every dose but shows the number at interval of 20 doses.

When there are 40 doses remaining the colour changes from green to red, indicating fewer doses. Hence, you may need to consider getting a new inhaler.

Shows no medication is left

For more information, talk to your doctor.


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