How to use the Rotahaler?

Simple Steps to Use Rotahaler

Hold the Rotahaler vertically and position the two halves of the Rotahaler such that the fin is not directly below the rotacap hole.

Remove the rotacap from its bottle and insert it into the rotacap hole with its transparent end facing downwards

Hold the mouth piece firmly with one hand and rotate the base

Breathe out fully and place the mouthpiece of the Rotahaler between your teeth.

Close your lips tightly around it & tilt your head slightly backward & breathe in through the mouth rapidly & deeply.

Hold your breath for 10 seconds or for as long as you are comfortable and then breathe out normally. In case some powder remains repeat step 4.

Open the Rotahaler and dispose the empty capsule.

You can continue to use your Rotahaler daily for up to 6 months and then discard it and replace with a new one.

Simple Steps to Clean Rotahaler

Separate the two halves of the Rotahaler

Discard the empty rotacap shell

Rinse the two halves in clean running water

Shake well to remove excess water and leave to air dry


  • Never use Rotahaler when it is wet
  • Do not push any cloth or instrument into the mouthpiece as this may damage the Rotahaler
  • Keep the rotacap bottle tightly closed to avoid exposure to moisture and remove a rotacap from its bottle and insert it into the Rotahaler just prior to use

For more information, always refer to patient information leaflet or talk to your doctor.

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