How to use Zerostat VT™ Spacer?

Simple Steps to Use Zerostat VT spacer

To assemble the Zerostat VT spacer, firmly push the two halves of the spacer together and rotate.

Remove the cap from the mouthpiece of the inhaler. Shake the inhaler well.

Insert the inhaler firmly into the opposite end of the Zerostat VT spacer.

Holding the inhaler, press down on the canister to release a dose into the Zerostat VT spacer.

Breathe out fully, through the mouth. Immediately remove the mouthpiece cap from the Zerostat VT spacer and then close the lips firmly around the mouthpiece to create a good seal (do not bite it). Breathe slowly and deeply through the mouth, thus inhaling the medicine through the space.

Remove the Zerostat VT spacer from the mouth and hold your breath for about 10 seconds, or as long as is comfortable. Breathe out normally. If a second dose is required, wait for a minute, repeat steps 2 to 5.

You can continue to use your Zerostat VT up to 6 months and then discard it and use a new one.

Simple Steps to Clean Zerostat VT spacer

Separate the two halves of the spacer by gently rotating and pulling them apart.

Rinse both halves in clean water and then shake to remove excess water.

Wipe dry with soft cloth or leave it to air dry.


  • Do not push cloth or object into the mouthpiece as it may cause damage

  • Do not clean with boiling or hot water as this will damage the Zerostat VT space

  • Children should use Zerostat VT Spacer under parental guidance.

For more information, consult your doctor.

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Zerostat VT™ spacer is a unique static free transparent spacer with a valve mechanism which increases the drug fraction reaching the lungs. It acts as a reservoir where the actuated aerosol cloud can be held prior to inhalation and thus overcomes the actuation inhalation co-ordination. It has all the features which a spacer should ideally have i.e. static free, transparent, flow gate valve, shape of an aerosol plume and volume 250-300 ml. The time available for inhalation is prolonged by using polyamide, which is a static free material. The half – life of aerosol in the Zerostat VT™ spacer is 60 sec. Unidirectional flow from the holding chamber is achieved by using a one-way valve. 
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