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Yoga Part 1
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Always Remember following Important Techniques of Yogic Practices

  1. Breathing should be normally through nose and it should be normal and natural.
  2. After assuming the final stage of Yogic practice, close the eyes and be aware of the breathing by engaging the mind either in counting the breaths or feeling the touch of the breath inside the nostrils. This meditation part called "Pranadharana" is more significant for achieving desired benefits from yogabhyas.
  3. The movements involved in performing yogic practices should be stow, steady, controlled, continuous, attractive and rhythmic. Relaxation, ease and comfort are the soul of yogabhyas.
  4. Consciously relax the physical parts and mental faculties which are not directly involved in the practice. This minimises your efforts in all practices.
  5. Do not try to achieve ideal final stage of yogic practice or retain it for more time by overstepping your capacity or taking outside help.
  6. Avoid resorting to competitive spirit or force in performing the practices.


Steps to Derive Maximum Benefits from Yoga

  • Start with 2 asanas on the first day.
  • Next day do 4 asanas, two that you have done on the day before and two new ones.
  • Each day keep adding 2 asanas over and above the ones, which you have done the day before.
  • Cover all 20 asanas in ten days and then take the next set of Yogic exercises.
  • Then continue to perform all the asanas everyday to derive maximum benefit.
  • Each day end your Yoga session with Chaitanyasana