The MiniZerostat spacer is a compact, small spacer with a volume of 150 ml, thus making it easier to use and carry. The pear shape of the spacer and the anti-static material of construction helps ensure better drug deposition. Click here to read more.

Nasal Spray is a simple to use device which helps to deliver medicine in spray form directly into the nose. It is a non-invasive delivery system intended for topical treatment of the disorders of nose and the paranasal sinuses. This video demonstrates the correct use of the nasal spray.

Breathe-o meter, Cipla’s peak flow meter objectively measures lung function in terms of peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR). It is a simple, portable, easy to use and cost-effective tool in diagnosing and monitoring patients with asthma.

The Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) is a device that delivers a specific and pre-metered amount of medication to the lungs, in the form of an aerosol spray that is inhaled by the patient. It consists of a canister of pressurized medication that fits into a plastic actuator sleeve and connects to the mouthpiece. The formulation in an MDI is made up of the drug and a liquefied gas propellant. Cipla MDIs are designed to deliver accurate dosing by employing the right formulation technology and using the most sophisticated metered dose valves, canisters and actuators.

Nebulizers are widely used for the inhalation of drugs in a variety of respiratory diseases. Although they are simple to use, there are various technical factors involved that can help to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. This video helps to demonstrate the correct nebulizer use, its cleaning and maintenance.

Revolizer™ is a novel Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) device, which is the result of a design and development programme to address the critical requirements of an ideal inhalation device. It provides accurate dosing and greater lung deposition even at low inspiratory flow rates combined with ease of use. It provides an improved respirable fraction while adding style and modern design to give patients a revolution in inhalation therapy.  For technical details on Revolizer click here.

Revolizer™ is an extremely simple device. The user has to open the device, insert the rotacap, shut the device and then inhale.

The world's first transparent Rotahaler™ is a dry powder inhaler (DPI). Rotahaler™ is used with Rotacaps, which is pre-metered single dose medication for inhalation. DPI's are breath-actuated devices and eliminate the need for co-ordination of actuation and inspiration. DPI's are emerging as cost-effective, simple-to-use and environmentally preferred devices for pulmonary drug delivery.

To match the contemporary lifestyle of patients now Rotahaler™ is available in 4 vibrant colour options.

The New BabyMask™ is designed to make administration of the inhaled bronchodilators & anti-inflammatory drugs to the lungs through the metered dose inhaler (MDI) & Zerostat VT Spacer easier to infants & children below 3 years. With the help of the new BabyMask™ a child can easily inhale the medicine, while breathing in & out through the mouth normally.

The attachment of mask to spacers provides small tidal volumes and low inspiratory flow rates in babies and young children. It is also useful to those who have difficulty in maintaining a good lip seal on the mouth piece of the MDI.

ZerostatVT™ spacer is a unique static free transparent spacer with a valve mechanism which increases the drug fraction reaching the lungs. It is both a spacer (extends the space between the inhaler and the mouth) as well as a holding chamber (acts as a reservoir where the actuated aerosol cloud can be held prior to inhalation). It has all the features which a spacer should ideally have i.e. static free, transparent, flow gate valve, shape of an aerosol plume and volume 250-300 ml.

Transparent ZerostatVT™ spacer is designed to provide visual confirmation that the dose is delivered. ZerostatVT™ spacer ensures that patient receives a high and consistent quantity of medication dose after dose. The time available for inhalation is prolonged by using polyamide, which is a static free material. Unidirectional flow from the holding chamber is achieved by using a one-way valve.

The Autohaler™ is the first breath actuated inhaler (BAI). This overcomes the key problem of the pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) viz. coordination of actuation and inhalation and does not rely on patient’s inspiratory effort to aerosolize the dose of medication unlike dry powder inhalers (DPIs). It is activated at low flow rates of 22-30 L/sec. Studies have shown that the Autohaler™ is easier to use and to teach as compared to pMDIs and some of the DPIs. It can also be used by children who are wheezing, older patients with severe airflow obstruction and those with arthritis.

“Seroflo (Salmeterol and Fluticasone), Levolin (Levosalbutamol) and Foracort (Formoterol and Budesonide) are available as Seroflo Autohaler, Levolin Autohaler and Foracort Autohaler respectively.”

Huf Puf Kit™ is a ready to use kit which includes the BabyMask™ attached to the ZerostatVT spacer.

Huf Puf Kit™ makes it easy and convenient to deliver inhaled medicines to young children using an inhaler. With the help of Huf Puf Kit™ a child can inhale a complete dose of medicine, while breathing in and out normally through the mouth. Thus it helps the child obtain full benefit of the medicine.