• Rotahaler

    The world's first transparent Rotahaler™ is a dry powder inhaler (DPI). Rotahaler™ is used with Rotacaps, which is pre-metered single dose medication for inhalation. DPI's are breath-actuated devices and eliminate the need for co-ordination of actuation and inspiration. DPI's are emerging as cost-effective, simple-to-use and environmentally preferred devices for pulmonary drug delivery. To match the contemporary lifestyle of patients now Rotahaler™ is available in 4 vibrant colour options.

  • Baby Mask

    The New BabyMask™ is designed to make administration of the inhaled bronchodilators & anti-inflammatory drugs to the lungs through the metered dose inhaler (MDI) & Zerostat VT Spacer easier to infants & children below 3 years. With the help of the new BabyMask™ a child can easily inhale the medicine, while breathing in & out through the mouth normally. The attachment of mask to spacers provides small tidal volumes and low inspiratory flow rates in babies and young children. It is also useful to those who have difficulty in maintaining a good lip seal on the mouth piece of the MDI.

  • Zerostat VT Spacer

    ZerostatVT™ spacer is a unique static free transparent spacer with a valve mechanism which increases the drug fraction reaching the lungs. It is both a spacer (extends the space between the inhaler and the mouth) as well as a holding chamber (acts as a reservoir where the actuated aerosol cloud can be held prior to inhalation). It has all the features which a spacer should ideally have i.e. static free, transparent, flow gate valve, shape of an aerosol plume and volume 250-300 ml. Transparent ZerostatVT™ spacer is designed to provide visual confirmation that the dose is delivered. ZerostatVT™ spacer ensures that patient receives a high and consistent quantity of medication dose after dose. The time available for inhalation is prolonged by using polyamide, which is a static free material. Unidirectional flow from the holding chamber is achieved by using a one-way valve.

  • Huf Puf Kit

    Huf Puf Kit™ is a ready to use kit which includes the BabyMask™ attached to the ZerostatVT spacer. Huf Puf Kit™ makes it easy and convenient to deliver inhaled medicines to young children using an inhaler. With the help of Huf Puf Kit™ a child can inhale a complete dose of medicine, while breathing in and out normally through the mouth. Thus it helps the child obtain full benefit of the medicine.