Acta Diabetol.
23 Jul 2021

GCL and RNFL thinning was significantly correlated with decreased retinal blood flow in diabetic patients with dyslipidemia. Strictly controlling serum lipids, especially apoB levels, might be an...

Diabetes Care.
23 Jul 2021

In this study, a high HbA1c did not reduce the occurrence of nocturnal hypoglycemia, and low HbA1c was not associated with the highest TIR. Optimal personalization of glycemic control requires...

Ocul Surf.
23 Jul 2021

Evidence from 22 studies identified triggers and characteristics of DED flares. Further research is needed to assist clinicians in early diagnosis and treatment of patients experiencing flares....

Front Psychiatry.
23 Jul 2021

These justify the conclusion that impulsivity itself is not a strong predictor, and used as a single variable might not be sufficient to indicate the high suicide risk group among bipolar...

BMC Infect Dis
23 Jul 2021

The obtained results indicated non-clonal structure of S. aureus circulating in AD patients. PFGE results showed the clonal-structure of vast majority of S. aureus isolated from nose and skin...

Surg Today
23 Jul 2021

This study defined a difficult LARR and identified independent risk factors for a difficult operation and created a predictive nomogram for difficult LARR. This nomogram may facilitate the...

J Asthma.
23 Jul 2021

ISWT showed moderate accuracy in detecting EIB in adults with asthma and was able to show similar metabolic and ventilatory demand presented in CPET-CL.

Ann Intensive Care.
23 Jul 2021

Patients with obesity and acute hypoxemic respiratory failure had an increased risk of severe hypoxemia during intubation procedure as compared to patients without obesity. However,...

Ann Noninvasive Electrocardiol.
22 Jul 2021

The 6-lead hand-held device is potentially useful for a clinical follow-up of remote patients, and for a safety follow-up of patients participating in clinical trials who cannot visit the...