Cardiovasc Diabetol.
04 Aug 2022

The triglyceride-glucose (TyG) index is an independent predictor of MACE in patients with premature coronary artery disease (PCAD), suggesting that the TyG index has important clinical...

Gastric Cancer
04 Aug 2022

Both initial cStage and ypStage were independent factors for survival outcomes of gastric cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Efforts should be made to develop optimal peri-...

BMC Primary Care
04 Aug 2022

Hypoglycemic symptoms had a very strong association with falls. Less stringent HbA1c control reduced the risk of recurrent falls. Healthcare professionals need to take a more proactive approach...

J. Clin. Oncol.
04 Aug 2022

The addition of TACE to LEN improves clinical outcomes and is a potential first-line treatment for patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

BMC Gastroenterol.
04 Aug 2022

Our research shows that preoperative enhanced imaging can be used to predict MVI and tumor differentiation grade of HCC. The prognosis of MVI-negative group was better than that of MVI-positive...

Pediatric Nephrol.
04 Aug 2022

Iohexol-based AKI prevalence was higher and ARC prevalence lower compared to standard SCr-based eGFR methods. Age- and sex-dependent equations for eGFR (eGFR-Smeets for neonates and eGFR-Pierce...

BMC Psychiatry.
04 Aug 2022

Poor sleep quality and anxiety symptoms in pregnancy mediated the relationship between antepartum depressive symptoms and postpartum depressive symptoms. Interventions aimed at detecting and...

Diabetes Res Clin Pract.
04 Aug 2022

Our review suggests that inpatient management in the general ward with DPP4i and GLP1Ra is as effective and safe as management with insulin. More randomized studies are required to support these...

Pediatr Crit Care Med.
03 Aug 2022

In this single-center cohort, one-quarter of the children attending follow-up with a history of invasive mechanical ventilation for bronchiolitis had adverse, mostly previously undetected, long-...